We are easy to find and get to since we are located right off a major road (Albemarle) and there are several bus “stops” on Executive Center Drive in Charlotte East’s office park. In fact, we have a bus stop right across the road from our building.

Our normal “office’ hours are 8:00am – 7:00pm, Monday – Friday. We also offer some services on Saturdays (by appointment). In addition, many of our “enhanced” mental health services (like the ACT team and Community Support Team) do not really have “regular” office hours, since these are intensive community based programs, and staff are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.


Our office is located in East Charlotte (between Albemarle Road and Farm Pond) at 5801 Executive Center Drive, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC. 28212. We are looked in the Charlotte East executive park and are located right across from the Social Security Administration building.


Please Note: Several of our services provide “after hours” coverage and staff availability for those programs is not restricted to our normal 8am-7pm, Mon-Fri office hours. Please see our “Afterhours” link to find out more information about what programs provides afterhours coverage