In September 2015 Person Centered Partnerships “officially” changed our name to Amara (pronounced “Ah-mara) Wellness. The reason for the name change was to more adequately reflect the whole “continuum” of services that is now provided by our agency.

Although we started as a small IDD (Intellectual Developmental Disability) agency in 2002, we have grown over the years to add mental health services (in 2004) and substance abuse services (in 2012). We have strived hard to address the “whole” person in our service array, and when we added Primary Care services to our list of services (in 2015) we felt it was the right time to change our company name.

The meaning of the word “Amara” varies in different cultures, but in Indian it means “eternal”, in Latin “beloved”, in Greek “unfading” and in Western Africa “grace”.


We are proud to announce that starting in 2015 Amara Wellness was able to start offering Primary Care services to both Medicaid and Non-Medicaid consumers that had a primary mental health or substance abuse diagnosis.


National statistics show that individuals who have a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis do not receive the medical care that they need in comparison to the general public. Additionally, national statistics show that individuals who have a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis are more likely to die younger (than the general public) as a result of not receiving the medical care that they need. Additionally, it is often hard to find a Primary Care provider that will take Medicaid and impossible to find one that will take someone with “no” insurance at all.


It was for these reasons, and our desire to treat the “whole” person, that Amara wellness started planning to provide primary care services. Fortunately, it was through the awarding of a 3-year grant from SAMSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) that we were able to start up our Primary Care Services.


With our grant funding, we were able to hire a NP (Nurse Practitioner), an RN (Registered Nurse) and a QP (Qualified Professional) case manager. All three of these medical staff work as a “team” to assess, diagnosis, and provide Primary Care Services.


For more information about our Primary Care Services (called PCHH for Primary Care Health Home) please visit our link under “Services” or call 704-567-0790.