When someone is experiencing or having mental health issues, problems, or a crisis, there are times when they may need to be put on some type of psychiatric medication (to help control or lessen their symptoms like depression, anxiety, mood swings, suicidal thoughts or feelings, hallucinations or delusions, etc.) At these times, individuals need to be seen and evaluated by a psychiatrist for the purpose of deciding what type of medication would be best prescribed for the symptoms and problems they are having. Not only is it important to be placed on the “right” medications, but a psychiatrist will also want to see the individual on a continual basis (either every 30, 60 or 90 days) to monitor how the person is doing on their prescribed medication and if there are any adverse side effects from taking the medication. This process of being seen and evaluated, prescribed medication for mental health reasons, and monitored by a psychiatrist is known as “medication management”.


Amara Wellness offers medication management through our Medication Clinic (for psychiatric needs) three days a week at our main office, located at 5801 Executive Center Drive, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC. 28212. The Medication Clinic is staffed and run by our Medical Director (psychiatrist) and a part-time Registered Nurse.


Individuals are referred to our Medication Clinic for medication management through our Admissions department at 704-319-7636. One of our Admission’s Coordinators will take some important information over the phone and then schedule you for an appointment.

For More information

If you feel that you, or someone that you know may need Medication Management services, please contact the Med Clinic Nurse directly at 704-319-7608 and they will be glad to assist you.

To make a direct referral

Please call our Admissions Coordinators at 704-319-7636 or 704-319-7615 and they will schedule you for an initial Assessment appointment.

Please Note: Our Medication Clinic is for the purpose of prescribing “psychiatric” medications for mental health reasons. If you need to be seen by a “primary care” doctor and need medications for “physical” health reasons, please see our PCHH (Person Centered Health Home) link on our web site.