At Amara Wellness, every “new” referral to our agency is scheduled a meeting with one of our professional licensed outpatient therapist for the purpose of conducting an “assessment”.


Our outpatient therapist will meet with you in a confidential setting for the purpose of talking with you about how you are doing in various life “domains” (which include: relationships, housing, education, finances, mental health, substance abuse, and medical). The purpose of the assessment is to gather important and helpful information which will help and assist the therapist in knowing what would be the best treatment for you based upon your current needs.


Our therapist will work with you and help “tailor” treatment recommendations based upon the information that you share during the assessment. This is why it is important to be open and honest with your therapist, so we will know how to better serve you and provide the services that you need.


If you would like, you can bring a friend, family member, or significant other with you to your assessment appointment. Again, our goal is to learn about you, your history, and any current issues/problems you are having so we will be able to help you.

For More information

If you think that you, or someone you know, may need an assessment, please contact us at 704-567-0790 and we will be more than glad to provide you with more information or schedule you an appointment.

To make a direct referral

To make a direct referral, please call our Admissions Coordinators at 704-319-7636 or 704-319-7615 and they will schedule you for an initial Assessment appointment.

Please Note: An assessment is required by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services before receiving certain services.