Amara Wellness provides a large continuum of services, from outpatient therapy to intensive case management services (called “ACT” Team). For some of our more “intense” services, due to the high acuity of the individuals served and their complexity of needs, staff are available after normal business hours (called “after-hours on call”) to deal with and handle both urgent and emergency type situations. For these type of services, Amara Wellness provides after-hours on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.



  • Community Support Team (CST): Their after-hours on call number is 704-858-2615.
  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT): Their after-hours on call number is 704-421-1365.
  • Substance Abuse Services (SA): Their after-hours on call number is 704-858-2615.
  • Outpatient services and Med Clinic: Their after-hours on call number is 704-858-2615.


Please explore our website or give us a call to see the many ways that we may be able to help you or a family member.

Please Note:You must be currently receiving these services in order to utilize their after-hours on call staff.

To start services, everyone needs to come into our main office and see one of our licensed therapists for an assessment. (For more information about Assessments please see our FAQ link or go to our services section and click on “Assessment”).



Amara Wellness also realizes that everyone goes through difficult times and life can be very challenging. Most people get “through” these difficult times, but there may be times when you need “help” getting through these difficult situations, when you find your depressions, anxiety, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are more than you can bear. At these times, may need to seek and receive professional help to deal with your situation. For these times, we recommend the following:


  • If you are experiencing a medical emergency, or feel like you are going to harm yourself or someone else, please call 911 immediately.
  • If you feel like you need to be “seen’ by someone for a mental health evaluation (after hours) or need to talk to someone immediately, you can call Carolinas Behavioral Health Care Hotline at 704-444-2000 or 1-800-273-8255.
  • If you are experiencing a Mental Health “Crisis” and are not able to drive or make it to a hospital, you can contact the Mobile Crisis Team (for Mecklenburg County and Cabarrus County) at1-800-939-5911.
  • If you are having feelings of wanting to harm yourself, you can also call the National Suicide Prevention 24-Hour Call Center at 1-800-273-8255.