Substance Abuse Services

Amara Wellness offers a full range of Community-based Substance Use programs. All of our Substance Use programs utilize various evidence based treatments-curriculums which include, the Matrix Model, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Interventions, Motivational Interviewing, and the Trans-theoretical Model of Change, and the six dimensions and client placement criteria (ASAM).

What makes the services at Amara Wellness unique is our ability to customize our care to each participant in group and individual settings. Each participant receives one-on-one life counseling, coordination of care, a person-centered approach to treatment, and an inclusive supportive environment for participants as well as their love ones. We believe that recovery is for everyone and everyone can achieve their own recovery for their live.

outpatient treatment services

  • Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) – this program is for individuals that are having a problem with their addiction. This program runs three (3) days a week, three (3) hours a day (Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays) and we currently run a morning and an evening SAIOP group. Individuals meet and work in a group setting with a trained substance abuse counselor to address the “disease” model of addiction, to become educated about their addiction, and to receive support through their recovery process.

  • Substance Abuse Outpatient Therapy – this program is offered once a week by a licensed substance abuse counselor and is aimed at individuals that are nearing the end of their treatment program, or for individuals, couples, and families who are dealing with substance use issues.

  • DWI Services
    • DWI Assessments – this is a face to face assessment with a substance abuse counselor directly connected and related to receiving a ticket for Driving while intoxicated (DWI). This assessment is completed in our office by a trained substance abuse counselor
    • DWI Groups - we currently offer two types of DWI classes, a 20 hour (once a week class) and a 40 hour (which meets twice a week). These DWI classes are run by a trained substance abuse counselor focused on the basic core of addictions, alcohol abuse and use. We work with individuals on a “pay as you go” basis to assist with financial hardship.

  • In addition to our Substance Abuse specific programs (listed above), we also offer the following through our Substance Abuse programs:
    • Accountability through random and routine drug screenings (which test for thirty-one substances which include over the counter prescriptions and the ability to monitor psychiatric medications).
    • Family Day! This is when individuals attending one of our Substance Abuse programs gets to invite loved ones, family members, etc. to learn more about the recovery process and rebuilding, establishing supportive relationships.
    • o Substance Abuse “Afterhours on call”. For those individuals that are in one of our Substance Abuse programs, we have available a trained substance abuse counselor who is on call 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to receive and respond to any calls after normal work hours.

Treatment Interventions

Amara Wellness strives to utilize the most current treatment modalities that are also considered “best practice”. We currently utilizes the following treatment interventions in our Substance Abuse programs:

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Cognitive Behavioral Interventions
  • Integrated Co-ocurring Disorders
  • Illness Management and Recovery Curriculum
  • Use of Mindfulness Techniques (Stress/Anxiety Reduction) Anger Management
  • Group Support and Processing
  • Matrix Model and other Substance Curriculums
  • Use of Recovery Philosophies and Principles

For more information, or if you feel that you, or someone that you know may need Substance Abuse services, please contact the Clinical Director at 704-319-7637 and they will be glad to assist you.

To make a direct referral, please call our Admissions Coordinators at 704-319-7636 or 704-319-7615 and they will schedule you for an initial Assessment appointment

Please Note: Amara Wellness adheres to and follows the strict Federal guidelines relating to substance abuse treatment and client confidentiality as outlined in law 42CFR. Amara Wellness works hard to uphold and maintain the highest level of confidentiality for our clients when it comes to substance abuse treatment. For more information about Federal law 42CFR please go to samhsa.gov

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